From Farming to Family Meals

Hi, I’m Rana. Welcome to my virtual kitchen. Here, you’ll find mouth-watering, wholesome, and nutritious recipes that will change the way you view cooking. Most of the recipes are straight from the comfort of my Mum’s Jordanian kitchen, but you’ll also find some innovative recipes that I’ve learned over time through my experiences in the food industry.

With my blog, I hope to share with you all the legacy of authentic Middle Eastern food. I aim to teach young people my tips and recipes, and I hope to inspire your culinary creativity so that you can also fall in love with the art of cooking. After all, cooking shouldn’t be a chore. It is an expression of love.

How I Came To Love Food

I was born in the beautiful city of Zarqa, located in Jordan. But my life was uprooted at a young age when I was married off into an arranged marriage at 16 years old and moved to San Francisco.

My husband and I had three children. Unfortunately, I got divorced in my late 20’s and was left living in San Fransico as a single mother of three children. San Francisco immediately won my heart as it is a city filled with different cuisines and people from many ethnicities.

“Despite the traumatizing separation from my parents and spouse, I fell in love with everything the Bay Area offered.”

My divorce left me with an overwhelming sense of responsibility that immediately set me on a productive path. I developed my passion for food and cooking and worked to turn my dreams into a reality.

My journey with food began in 2001 with my cafe in Marin County, California. My passion for food and my love of feeding the people around me made the idea of opening a cafe seem like an obvious choice. Owning a cafe was always a dream of mine, and it gave me the flexibility to be with my three children, support my family, and share foods I loved with people from all over the world. My passion for authenticity and taste turned my customers to close friends. We’re now like a diverse family of strangers tied through taste and deepened with love. I’ll always be grateful for that. People cherished my healthy recipes made with local organic ingredients and Mediterranean flavors.

Although I loved the cafe, I eventually sold it in 2012 to devote myself to a family business that started with my daughter Sandra. My daughter and I owned an organic, gluten-free granola company for seven years. I have also successfully formulated and helped food businesses launch their products in the market.

I continued working until I got diagnosed with thyroid cancer and needed some time to recover and heal. I went through major surgery and therapy to completely recover. I have learned to appreciate my life’s journey for all of the good and the bad.

I am proud to tell you that I am cancer-free now. I am happily remarried and live in Fairfield, CA, with my husband, our dog Mia, and the two rabbits Ringo and Zingo.

Now, I am excited to embark on my next journey and share my favorite childhood dishes and creative innovations with all of you! So join me in my virtual kitchen and bring tasty and nutritious recipes to your table. I am more passionate than ever to share bits and pieces of my journey from struggle to success with you. Although times were difficult, I was always comforted by my love for food and creating nostalgic recipes. Through my blog, I will convey my message of hope to all the young men and women and inspire them to express their creativity in the kitchen. Just remember to always believe in yourself and never forget what made you take the first step towards your goals.

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