I was the first woman in my family to get divorced; it had never happened before. I was the black sheep no one wanted to be related to! My parents couldn’t understand why I got divorced, since they felt I had brought shame to the family.  The day I called my dad to tell him […]

There’s something special about the bond between us girls. Maybe it’s because we understand each other in a way that no one else can. We know what it’s like to feel strong, vulnerable, capable, and scared. That shared experience makes us stronger. That small chat we do during a busy day, like a quick therapy […]

If you’re like me, a home gardener, you probably think of crop rotation as something that only farmers need to worry about. But the truth is, crop rotation is a vitally important part of vegetable home gardening, too. By rotating your crops each year, you can improve the soil quality, change the placement of your […]

When I started the granola business, I started with a simple sticker label over a basic craft coffee bag to keep my budget to a minimum. After I tested the market and found that people liked my granola, I started looking for a custom design packaging to better reflect my brand better. That’s when I […]

Today, I was amazed by the thoughts that came to me. I was working in the garden early in the morning and picked out some radishes first in season. While picking radishes, I noticed something which taught me a life lesson. Even though they were all in the same plot, some were ready and mature, […]