Oven-roasted Cauliflower Salad with Tomatoes, Feta, and Pine Nuts


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Oven-roasted cauliflower salad is a bright-tasting salad with juicy tomatoes, salty feta cheese, and toasted pine nuts. This recipe for roasted cauliflower salad emphasizes the amazing flavor of the cauliflower while also weaving in plenty of complex flavors. Cauliflower is one of my favorite vegetables! It is so easy to prepare and has a mild, sweet, and nutty taste. 

There were two common ways of serving cauliflower in the Middle East. It was either fried and then topped with lemon juice and sumac or fried and then cooked again with rice and chicken in a dish called makloubeh. I tend to stay away from frying cauliflower and like to roast it in the oven instead. This makes the dishes healthier since there is less oil. Plus, the cauliflower is just as delicious roasted as it is fried! 

Is Cauliflower Healthy? 

Cauliflower is very good for your health since it is nutrient-dense and can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. In just one serving of cauliflower, you can get all of your daily recommended vitamin C. Cauliflower is also high in fiber which helps to prevent digestive issues.

It is also a low-carb and low-calorie vegetable making it a popular vegetable. It is also used in many keto diets as a low-carb substitute for potatoes and flour. Many people on diets make mashed cauliflowers or cauliflower crust pizza. You can add cauliflower to your diet by steaming, roasting, or eating it raw.  

What To Serve With This Oven-Roasted Cauliflower Salad Recipe

Roasted Cauliflower Salad is a refreshing salad that can be eaten with many different main dishes. For example, you could serve this salad as a side dish to pan-seared lamb chops. If you want to add protein to this salad, you can also saute chicken breast and slice it thinly. You can also eat this salad as a main course and add some grains such as rice or quinoa to make it into a bowl. Personally, I love to top this salad off with some of my famous tahini dressing. It just completes the Middle Eastern flavors in this salad. 

Ingredient List


Preheat the oven to 400F.
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Toss the cauliflower with olive oil and minced garlic in a large bowl. Season it with salt, pepper, and Aleppo pepper. Spread the cauliflower on a baking sheet pan and roast for about 25 minutes. Toss the cauliflower again after 15 minutes to ensure browning on all sides of the florets.
Warm and skillet and add one teaspoon of olive oil. Toast the pine nuts until they turn brown on all sides.
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Once the cauliflowers are roasted, toss the cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, half of the fresh dill, and half of the pine nuts in a large bowl.
You could serve the salad itself or drizzle my delicious lemon tahini salad or greek goddess dressing on top.
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Adjust Servings
1 medium head cauliflower (cut into florets about 2 lb)
10 cherry (tomatoes cut in half)
2 oz crumbled feta cheese
Pinch of Aleppo pepper or smoked paprika
3 tablespoons olive oil (plus one teaspoon)
1 tablespoon minced garlic
¼ cup pine nuts
2 tablespoons fresh dill ( mint or parsley works too)
Salt and pepper

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