Greek Goddess Dressing

15 minutes


one and half cup

This salad dressing is my personal take on the viral Greek goddess dressing!

Greek goddess dressing is an incredibly healthy salad dressing.

I added lots of Greek inspired ingredients, including dill, Greek yogurt, feta cheese and is nutritious since it is completely plant based! Like the green goddess salad dressing, the dressing is healthy and green! It is a great salad dressing to make for the weekdays since it has super simple ingredients. This healthy salad dressing is light and perfect for meal prepping. 

The health benefits of this salad along with this unique salad dressing cannot be ignored. This dressing is high in sodium and good fats. These good fats are extremely beneficial to heart and offers numerous benefits such as lowering risks of heart diseases and stroke.




Adjust Servings
½ cup packed fresh dill
½ cup packed fresh mint
½ cup fresh parsley
2 garlic cloves (minced)
Juiced of one lemon plus the zest
½ cup extra virgin olive oil
¼ cup greek yogurt
2 tablespoons feta cheese
Salt and pepper to taste


Add the dill, mint, parsley, garlic, feta cheese, greek yogurt, and lemon juice into a blender or food processor.
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Blend the ingredients for about a minute, and then slowly add the olive oil. Once the olive oil is in, blend the ingredients again.
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