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The beauty of Mediterranean recipes lies not just in their main dishes but also in their versatile and flavorful accompaniments. From the shores of Spain to the heart of Lebanon, each region offers unique dips that turn a simple meal into a gastronomic celebration. While many are familiar with the velvety texture of Hummus or the refreshing essence of Tzatziki, the Mediterranean offers a myriad of lesser-known healthy dips waiting to be uncovered.

Dive deep into the vibrant colors of our Whipped Feta Dip with Roasted Beets, capturing the essence of both creaminess and earthiness—a journey through the tantalizing flavors of Muhammara, where red pepper meets walnut in a dance of smokiness. Experience the depth of Moutabal, a traditional sauce that resonates with the soul of the Mediterranean. And, of course, the classic Baba Ghanoush, a testament to the simple brilliance of eggplants.

Each recipe in our collection tells a story, from the tender burst of Fresh Fava Bean Dip to the robust hues of Roasted Beet Hummus. Relish the piquant charm of Authentic Lebanese Garlic Sauce and savor the richness of Romesco, Spain’s gift to the world of dips.

Whether preparing a feast for a special occasion or simply elevating your daily meals, these Mediterranean dip recipes promise a journey of flavors, textures, and traditions. Prepare your palate, fetch your favorite dippables, and let’s embark on this delicious adventure!


Gourmet Finishing Touches: Whipped Feta Cheese Dip and Roasted Beets

Add the final gourmet touches to your culinary masterpiece with a drizzle of olive oil, a sprinkle of pistachios and chili peppers, and a fresh dill garnish. Prepare to indulge!

1) Whipped Feta Dip with Roasted Beets

A delightful blend of creamy feta meets the earthy undertones of roasted beets, creating a visually striking and palatable treat. This dip stands out as a vibrant sandwich spread and shines as a base for a Mediterranean-style pizza. Its bold flavors make it a favorite for crudité platters, perfectly complementing fresh vegetables.

A bowl of homemade Muhammara, garnished with walnuts and drizzled with olive oil.

A delightful bowl of Muhammara showcasing the rich color and texture of this delicious Middle Eastern dip.

2) Muhammara (Red Pepper and Walnut Dip)

Dive into this smoky, slightly spicy blend of roasted red peppers and walnuts, enhanced by pomegranate molasses. Its rich texture and flavor make it a dream to drizzle over grilled chicken or to stir into cooked quinoa, adding a Middle Eastern flair.

A bowl filled with Moutabal, a Middle Eastern eggplant dip

Savor the richness: Moutabal, an eggplant delight in a bowl.

3) Mediterranean Moutabal Dip

An eggplant dip with smoky flavor, tahini, and lemon, perfect with grilled vegetables or roasted meats.


Homemade Hummus: Your Ultimate Comfort Food.

Hummus is the perfect snack or appetizer for any occasion.

4) Homemade Hummus

The cherished blend of chickpeas and tahini, seasoned with a dash of garlic, lemon, and olive oil, stands tall in the dips world. Think beyond the dip – swirling it into salad dressings or tossing it with cooked chickpeas and veggies promises a hearty meal.

Fresh fava bean dip with pita chips and vegetables.

A perfect snack or appetizer – fresh fava bean dip with crispy pita chips and colorful vegetables.

5) Fresh Fava Bean Dip

Celebrate fava beans’ vibrant and creamy essence, complemented by hints of garlic and herbs. It’s a green delight, whether blended into pasta for an immediate creamy uplift or layered in a veggie-packed sandwich.


Finished bowl of Baba Ghanoush garnished beautifully, accompanied by fluffy pita bread.

Savor the rich and creamy Baba Ghanoush paired perfectly with soft, warm pita bread.

6) Baba Ghanoush

This classic Mediterranean marvel of charred eggplants, tahini, and garlic offers a balance of smoky and creamy textures. Consider enhancing omelets with their richness or spreading them on flatbread before giving them a quick toast.

Freshly blended Romesco sauce being poured into a serving bowl.

Pouring the rich and flavorful Romesco sauce into a bowl, allowing it to rest, and letting the myriad flavors meld perfectly before serving.

7) Romesco: A Spanish Sauce Delight

This nut and red pepper-based sauce from Spain offers a rich and tangy flavor journey. Imagine it paired with grilled seafood, setting the stage as a flavorful base for paellas, or generously drizzled over roasted vegetables, enhancing their natural sweetness and char.

Finished tzatziki sauce served with pita bread and cucumber slices.

Enjoy a bowl of freshly made tzatziki sauce, complemented by warm pita bread and crisp cucumber slices. It’s the perfect healthy snack or appetizer.

8) Healthy Tzatziki Sauce

Bask in the coolness of this Greek dip, where creamy yogurt melds with crisp cucumber, fragrant dill, and a touch of garlic. Whether drizzled over grilled fish or combined with diced veggies for a quick salad, it’s a refreshing escape.

Bowl of creamy Lebanese toum, a traditional garlic sauce.

Lebanese toum: A rich, garlicky delight perfect for dipping and spreading.

9) Authentic Lebanese Garlic Sauce

Savor the intense kick of this creamy garlic emulsion, reminiscent of whipped cream but packed with a garlicky punch. This sauce perfectly complements shawarma, chicken kebabs, and grilled chicken, serving as both a spread and a dip, especially for those irresistible French fries.

A vibrant bowl of roasted beet hummus garnished with fresh parsley and sprinkled with sesame seeds, served with warm pita bread on a rustic wooden table.

Beet hummus bowl: A vibrant twist on a classic, paired with fresh veggie sticks and warm pita bread.

10) Roasted Beet Hummus

A delightful spin on classic Hummus, this version incorporates roasted beets for depth and a pop of color. Ideal as a dip for vegetable sticks and pita chips, it also works wonders when spread on sandwiches or even as a vibrant companion to roasted vegetables.


Dive into the rich flavors of the Mediterranean with these delightful, healthy dips. Perfect for pairing with fresh vegetables, sandwiches, or traditional dishes, they’re the ideal way to elevate any meal. Explore, enjoy, and let every taste remind you of the Mediterranean region’s sun-drenched shores and culinary magic.

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