How to Make Green or Red Shatta?

This year I grew six different plants of chilies, including jalapeno, serrano, anaheim, tabasco chili, banana pepper, and Fresno. I usually use chilies as a basic ingredient in most of my cooking. Whenever I use garlic and onions, I add some chilies to add an extra layer of flavor. 

I grew up in a household where shatta was a part of every meal. There was always a jar on the table next to olive oil. My mom even used it to make shatta sandwiches. I am not kidding. She would just get a pita bread and fill it with shatta and cilantro leaves. I will never do that, but I don’t mind adding a teaspoon or two to my falafel sandwich or on top of foul or hummus

I am a big fan of chilies and what they offer, including health benefits and their large variety of uses in different dishes. This shatta chile recipe is definitely one of my favorites! 

What is Shatta Sauce? 

Shatta is a middle eastern hot sauce or condiment originating in the Middle East. It is made with lots of chopped chilies, vinegar, olive oil, and garlic. It is a slightly acidic, oil-based condiment with lots of hot and tasty chilies. Shatta is typically made of green or red chilies, but not a mix of both since it will turn into an ugly, brown-colored condiment. 

What Peppers Do You Need? 

You can use whatever chilies you have on hand or select a pepper based on its spice level or flavor. For example, you can use jalapenos for a more mild, green shatta or use serrano chili peppers if you want the shatta to be hotter. If you want red shatta, you should use tabasco peppers or fresno chile. 

How to Safely Handle Peppers?

When cooking peppers, it is best to prepare them with as little direct contact as possible. You should wear kitchen gloves to protect your hands and make sure you do not touch your face at all. The chili oils can burn your skin or face if you handle them for too long with direct contact. 

Tips for Making the Best Green or Red Shatta 

  • Use either red or hot pepper but don’t mix. The mix will give you brown chili pepper not appealing. 
  • When you cut the chili length-wise, the white part on the top is called the pith. It holds most of the heat, and you could either remove it or keep it. Depending on how much heat you can handle.
  • This recipe is very basic and quick. The flavor will enhance with time as it ferments. I add a small number of red chili flakes to add a smoky flavor to the shatta.
  • When adding red chili flakes, make sure to stir them around and put a bit more olive oil on top. 

How to Use Shatta? 

Shatta can be used as a condiment to top any sandwiches and also goes well with tomato-based sauces. It adds a little heat to most dishes and can be added to hummus and guacamole to add a little kick. You can even use this recipe to make basic salsa. Just add some cilantro, lemon or lime juice, and olive oil.



Adjust Servings
6 oz hot red chilies or greens
2 garlic cloves
¼ teaspoon cumin seeds
¼ teaspoon red chili pepper
2 tablespoons vinegar
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon salt
Canning jars


Sanitize the jar by placing them in hot boiling water, and air dry before using them
Mark as complete
Wash and pat dry the chilies.
Mark as complete
Cut in the middle and take out only the pith (white part on top of the chillies), leaving the seeds.
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Add to the food processor with the cloves of garlic
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In a small bowl, add the chilies, sprinkle them with the salt, and mix; let it set for 30 minutes
After 30 minutes, strain the chilies to remove excess water
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Using the same bowl, add the strained chilies, and mix in the vinegar and red chili pepper. Cumin seeds mix well
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Transfer into the sanitized jar, and drizzle with olive oil. Close and keep in the fridge!
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How Long Can You Keep Shatta?
Once you make a shatta, you can keep it in the jar in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Make sure the jar is tightly sealed every time you store it.
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