Stuffed Peppers With Sardines and Anchovies

If you’re not a big fan of sardines. This recipe is about to change your mind. Peppers stuffed with sardines have such a wonderful, smokey, and salty taste that will leave you wanting more. It may sound surprising to stuff a vegetable with small oily fish, but trust me, it works. 

My most fond memories of canned sardines come from my dad. Whenever he got hungry late at night or wanted a quick lunch, he would grab a can of sardines, put them on a plate, and add some chopped onions with lemon juice. He would then eat the fish with warmed pita bread and some tomatoes. Now my husband loves sardines just the same. I guess there’s just something about the men in my life and sardines, haha!

I surprised my husband by making him this dish. And let’s just say I score some points! After making this recipe, I had extra sardine stuffing left over and even made it into a sandwich the next day. It was absolutely delicious!

What Type of Peppers Should I Use?

I love using banana peppers for this recipe. They are mild in flavor and slightly sweet. They are also the perfect size for sardine stuffing since they aren’t too big. This gives just the right ratio of peppers to sardines. I also added a few jalapeños to get a little bit of spice. You can also use jalapeños instead of banana peppers if you prefer the flavor and can handle the heat. 

Should I Add Anchovies to the Stuffed Peppers?

Yes! I think anchovies are delicious. Adding anchovies gives the peppers a great slight saltness that balances out the flavor of the stuffing and sherry vinegar. But if you don’t like anchovies, you can choose to add as much or little as you want. You can even skip it altogether if you’re not a huge fan. 

Let the Sardine Stuffing Marinate

When you finish mixing the sardine with the rest of the ingredients, let it marinate for 30 minutes. This allows the breadcrumbs to absorb the oils from the fish. While the mixture marinates, all the flavors will mix and come together to make a delicious filling.



Adjust Servings
10 small sweet pepper banana peppers or your choice
1 can sardines
1 can anchovies
1 tablespoon capers
1 small shallot (chopped small)
1 lemon zest and juiced
1 tablespoon sherry vinegar
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
2 tablespoons roughly chopped Italian parsley or cilantro
1 tablespoon diced jalapeno (optional)
¼ cup toasted bread baguette or sourdough torn into tiny pieces
teaspoon black pepper
¼ teaspoon smoked paprika


Turn the broiler in your oven to low. Cut the peppers in half lengthwise and remove the bits and seeds.
Place them in a baking pan, lightly brush them with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Place the peppers under the broiler about 10 inches away and broil for 3 minutes.
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Flip the peppers to the other side, and broil for another 3 minutes. Take them out of the oven and let them come to room temperature.
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In a bowl, add the sardines and the anchovies. Using a fork, break the fish into smaller pieces. Followed by the rest of the ingredients and mix well.
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Stuff the peppers by scoping one teaspoon into each and spreading it to take the peppers’ shape.
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Sprinkle more parsley and serve with more lemon wedges! Enjoy
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How to Make a Sandwich With the Stuffing?
The best part about making this recipe is that you can use the leftovers to make the most amazing sandwich. To make the sandwich, toast your favorite bread, spread some butter on both sides, and add some arugula. Add a few of your cooked peppers on top, then add the sardine salad. Close the sandwich, cut the bread in half, and Enjoy!
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