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The Best Guacamole Recipe

My family recently went on a trip to Belize, where I met Maria, a local chef who cooked for us a few times. Her food was delicious, and she used all local ingredients to make some of the most famous Belizean dishes. Although I was thrilled to be pampered all week by having an amazing chef, I decided to ask her if I could join her in the kitchen one day. She graciously agreed to let me learn from her.  

Part of the menu for that day was guacamole, seafood ceviche with fresh lime and cilantro, and even fresh blue corn tortillas. Everything we made that day was incredible, but the star of the meal was the guacamole. The guacamole was so fresh, slightly spicy, and tangy. It was truly the best guacamole I have ever had. With just one bite of this guacamole, I knew I would never go back to making any other recipes.

Now that I am back from Belize, I want to share the recipe with you guys! This Guacamole recipe is healthy, simple, delicious, creamy, and easy to make. I hope you enjoy it! 

What Can You Add to Guacamole? 

I believe Maria has perfected her guacamole recipe, and you should really try it as is. But there are also plenty of ways to change it up to fit your tastes. For example, you can make simple guacamole with just smashed avocado and some lime juice. You can also add cottage cheese for a healthier, protein-dense version. If you don’t have lots of avocados, you may want to make an avocado salsa instead. Avocado salsa is creamy and thinner than guacamole. Instead of smashing the avocados, add all the ingredients to a blender and watch it become a tasty salsa.

Secret Tips For the Best Guacamole 

Maria had a few secret tips for making the best guacamole. Check them out below and make sure to follow the recipe religiously.  

  • Picking the avocados – start with the freshest avocado you can find. The best avocados for this dish are those that are firm but ripe. You can tell an avocado is fresh if the stem is still on. You should also make sure there are no dents or brown spots.
  • Use a mortar and pestle – the traditional way to make guacamole is to use a mortar and pestle to smash the avocado. It works its magic, but you can also use a fork if you don’t have one.
  • Add zest – zest the lime before juicing and add it to the avocado to mash it. The lime zest will add flavor to this recipe and make it slightly bitter and tangy. 
  • Work in stages – add the diced onion, chopped tomato, and jalapeno first. Then smash it with avocado. This will ensure all of the ingredients are evenly chopped.
  • Sour cream – Maria’s secret ingredient was to add a couple of tablespoons of sour cream. The sour cream made the guacamole smoother, light, and a bit tangy!


Adjust Servings
2 medium-size avocado
1 small shallot (diced)
1 medium-size tomato (level some to add to the top)
1 bunch cilantro (chopped fine to leave a tablespoon to add to the top)
1 serrano or jalapeno pepper (diced)
2 garlic cloves (minced)
2 lemons zest and juice
2 tablespoons sour cream
1 ½ teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon black pepper
½ teaspoon cumin
½ teaspoon coriander


Cut the avocado in half, remove the bit, scope the avocado into the mortar, add the lime zest, and smash the avocado leaving some bits of that avocado intact
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Add the diced onion, chopped tomato, and diced jalapeno pepper, and give it a couple of smashes
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Add the cilantro, lime juice, sour cream, and all the spices; use a fork to combine everything, add a few pieces of chopped tomatoes and cilantro on top, and Enjoy!
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What to Serve With Guacamole?
Chips and guac are a classic combination that is a crispy, tasty, and refreshing snack. Guacamole is versatile and can be eaten as a snack or part of your meal. Many people add guacamole to burritos, tacos, or even sandwiches. You can also make some toast and spread guacamole on top for a tasty breakfast. Guacamole is a healthy dip that is the perfect addition to your regular routine!
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How to Prevent Guacamole From Turning Brown?
Guacamole is known to turn brown easily, which can be off-putting for many people. However, adding lemon juice to the surface can easily prevent the guacamole from turning brown. The acidity from the lemons prevents the enzymes in the avocados from oxidizing and turning brown. Guacamole is best eaten fresh, but if you plan to store guacamole, smooth the surface and place plastic wrap over the top. Be sure to press the plastic wrap, so it is directly touching the guacamole. This will ensure the air doesn’t touch the surface of the guacamole.
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