Vegan Sweet Potato and Dates Casserole

Sweet potato is an amazing vegetable that is so underrated. Sometimes when I start cooking, I get carried away with combining all the delicious ingredients into a beautiful dish of flavors and textures. This happened to me recently, and I ended up creating the most amazing sweet potato dish. While there is no official name, I call it a sweet potato and dates casserole. 

The dish just started unfolding as I started peeling the sweet potatoes. I love sweet potatoes and yams, so I layered them both on top of each other. I made this dish entirely out of vegan ingredients, so it can be enjoyed by even those who do not eat any dairy products. 

This sweet potato casserole is perfect for Autumn since it has many fall fruits and vegetables such as yams, sweet potatoes, and apples. The cinnamon, orange zest, and walnuts also contribute to this dish’s warm and cozy vibes. Once you smell this delicious dish and see it presented as a beautiful tower, you will want to enjoy this meal at least a few times a week! 

Tips for The Best Sweet Potatoes and Dates Casserole 

  • Seasonings – Season each layer with salt and pepper and drizzle with olive oil.
  • Olive Oil vs. Butter – I used olive oil to keep the vegetable soft and dry as they cooked. If you like the flavor of butter better, you could use that instead.  
  • Baking Tips – Cover the dish with parchment paper and place a heavy object on top for the first 45 minutes. Then remove the weight, uncover the dish, and bake again for another 20 minutes. 
  • Bakeware – I used a heavy cast iron pan that fits perfectly on a round tray.
  • Pan Size – A 10-inch round cake pan is perfect for cooking this dish. 
  • Prepare ahead of time – This dish can be prepared and cooked ahead of time. That way, you can serve it whenever you or your family gets hungry. This potato dish tastes good at room temperature or warm. 

How to Evenly Cut The Vegetables?

The best way to cut vegetables evenly is with a very sharp knife or mandolin. These make it easy to slice through the vegetables and ensure each piece is the same size. By making sure the pieces are evenly sized, you can ensure the cooking time is the same for each piece. This will prevent you from having some overcooked and undercooked potatoes. You should cut each sweet potato or yam into ¼-inch thick rounds. 

How to Serve This Vegan Sweet Potato and Dates Casserole? 

When the sweet potato dish is finished cooking, let it rest for 10 minutes. Once it has been rested, flip the sweet potatoes onto a larger, round plate. When doing this, make sure you have a larger plate to flip the dish onto. Have one hand on the top and the other underneath, and quickly flip it and keep it in place. Once your food has fully released, slowly remove the platter, being careful not to spill any food. The result will be an impressive, cake-shaped lunch or dinner.



Adjust Servings
1 large onion (sliced round thinly)
2 large apple (cores were removed and sliced thinly round)
2 sweet potatoes (peeled and thinly sliced about ¼ inch washed and drained)
2 yams (peeled and thinly sliced about ¼ inches washed and drained)
10 whole date (pits remove and split open)
½ cup raw walnut (coarsely chopped)
¼ cup olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
1 teaspoon cinnamon
Zest of one orange juice and it zest
Italian parsley


Preheat the oven to 400 F.
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Use a round cake pan and drizzle olive oil on the bottom.
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Start by arranging the onion slices on the bottom to cover the base season with salt, pepper, and cinnamon. Arrange the dates in a circle to cover the onion, followed by apple slices and walnut.
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Zest half of the orange and squeeze some of the juice all around.
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Arrange the sweet potato slices by overlapping them in a circle until you have one layer, then switch if you use one kind. Keep going in circles until you finish with all the potatoes, drizzle some olive oil, and season with salt, pepper, and cinnamon. After arranging the apple slices, drizzle with olive oil and a dash of cinnamon.
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Cover with parchment, add some heavyweight bake for 45 minutes, take the weight out, and the parchment paper bake for another 15 minutes until all cooked.
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Let it rest before flipping it on another platter, sprinkle some chopped Italian parsley on top and serve warm or at room temperature.
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